Medical Equipment


Most advanced administration of ozone. EBOO Full Spectrum UV is elevating EBOO even further, by adding UV light.


  • EBOO Full Spectrum UV Device
  • Clinic Cart
  • 10 sets of EBOO Disposable Kits that include all tubing, filters, and canisters.
  • Calibrated internal ozone generator.
    1-8W UVA, 1-8W UVB, 2-16W UVC 12” Bulbs Installed
  • Two 10.5” Full visible light spectrum LED, Natural White 12v strips installed
  • Custom stainless-steel cart on wheels
  • Ozone Destruct and silicone tubing
  • Oxygen 870 Regulator and oxygen tank key
  • Magnetic Timer System
  • 120v or 240v Power Cord (based on shipping location)

EBOO Full Spectrum Key Features:

  • EBOO ozone system AND Champion Full Spectrum UV light all in one device.
  • ADVANCED photobiology using UVA, UVB and UVC frequencies of ultra-violet light.
  • UPGRADED LED full visible light frequencies of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple spectrum of visible light.
  • CUSTOM cart, EBOO/UV all in one device, O2 tank holder, and disposable attachment clamps are included and fully assembled
  • SAFETY FEATURES for accurate ozone dosage administration.
  • EASY TO CLEAN Powder Coating Finish on EBOO Full Spectrum device

Clinic Cart Key Features:

  • Tough powder coated stainless steel
  • Built in IV pole
  • Built in O2 tank holder
  • Durable wheels that lock
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Made in the USA

Manufacturer’s Warrantee:

  • 100% Money back guarantee within the first 6 months on full purchases.
  • No risk payment plan guarantee, simply return the equipment and the payments stop at any time.
  • Lifetime Warrantee on parts. (Loaner devices are offered during the time of repair.)


Lance Liberti
EVP Provider Relations
14150 McCormick Drive 
Tampa, Florida 33626